Blood Reminds by Thruster Games

First person thriller puzzle game. As a vampire you can travel to the past through blood, possess the victims and change their actions to alter your present.

First person puzzle game. You play as Elizabeth, a half-vampire noblewoman from the pre-Victorian era.

The deceased are your allies. Through their blood, use your time-travel ability to experience their last moments and make alterations that change your present. This is the only way you can discover the truth and make it out alive…

Sunlight is lethal to you, move between shadows to make it through the palace. Be careful though! You are not alone. Vampiric abominations roam the castle chasing and eliminating unwanted guests…

Return to the palace that was once your home, and unfold the tragedy that took place there in your absence.

  • Puzzle game:
    Half-vampire who consume blood to solve puzzles.
  • Time travel mechanic:
    Change their past, alter your present.
  • Replayability:
    Explore different paths, and face dangers and unrelenting foes.
  • Handmade art:
    Pre-victorian stylized environments with a realistic approach.
  • Thrilling story:
    A coup has been made, come back to your court and reveal what happened.

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Thruster Games

Sergio Murillo – Game Producer & Programmer

Arnau Ramos – Programmer

Aidan Yélamos – 3D/2D Artist

Pol Rovira – 3D/2D Artist

Rafa Sanchis – 3D/2D Artist


Tarek Hamdan – Sound Designer

Iris López – Narrative Design

Gloria Villar – Translation & Localization

Eva Codina – Translation & Localization

Voice Over

Adi Rose – Elizabeth

Vivian Reed – Christie / Paige

Louis Badalament – Clifford / Additional Voices

Andre Piper – Baxter

Blake Hussey – Reese

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