Bleakshore by Breogán Hackett

Bleakshore by Breogán Hackett

Welcome to Bleakshore

The haunting wilderness awaits you.

The ocean washes the silver sands.

Orla is here somewhere.

The marram grass blows gently in the wind.

Over the salt marshes ravenous gulls cry.

Where is Orla?

The pines tower overhead,

Their dead needles carpet the ground.

An object dear to you rests there.

Dusty paths maintained by the feet of summer,

Hidden now in thick unmoving fog.

You hope she’s okay.

A Game by:
Breogan Hackett, Cade Higgins and
Fionn Power

For the Haunted PS1
Wretched Weekend 1 game jam


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look
  • Left click to interact
  • Hold Esc to quit

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