Bitterroot by

Bitterroot is the story of the cursed Bitterroot Mansion, and the secrets it holds.

Created in the classic game boy style, and available as a ROM download that can be played on the original hardware, Bitterroot is an exercise in seeing how far the limitations of the Game Boy can be pushed to create a true atmospheric game.

You take on the role of a stranger stranded, who tries to find help but instead end us trapped in the web of the Bitterroot curse. 

Use your investigational skills to find key items that may help you escape the dark powers of the mansion. Fight off its otherworldly inhabitants, and try to piece together what caused this anomaly to occur.

Arrow Keys / D-Pad – Left Right Move/ Face away/towards

Z Key / A Button – Interact

X Key / B Button – Use Camera (when prompted)

Enter / Start – Bring up key item inventory checklist

Shift / Select – Bring up Save menu

Bitterroot really was a challenge in creating something that felt perhaps a bit more mature than what was readily doable on the original Game Boy. I wanted to attempt larger sprites, more elaborate and detailed backgrounds, and a clean UI.

Deluxe edition featuring concept art, sprites, and .pdf manual and box art coming soon!

Game was built using the GBStudio software.

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