Billie Bust Up! Kickstarter Demo by Billie Bust Up

  • Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D platformer inspired by Disney musicals, with memorable unique villains and singing bosses, we’ve entwined the gameplay into the music 
  • Each main character has their own song that sells their personality, motives, and charm. Up to 15 unique songs by Daniel Ingram! 

  • The lyrics serve as a telegraph for the gameplay
  • Attacks drop to the beat of the music with rhythm-based battles 
  • Music adapts to the way you play
  • Different gameplay experiences and battles for each song to engage the player in new and more interesting ways, as to not get repetitive
  •  A large and unique cast of characters, each with their own backstories, personalities, and charm 

  •  A cheerful and cute exterior masking a deeper and darker story  
  • Optional sing-a-long mode for every song
  •  Accessible! We think it’s important for everyone to have the chance to play, read our full list of features here 
  • Optional local split-screen co-operative gameplay between Billie and Oscar


Yes you can! Pamper your best friend in Oscar’s Petting Game. You can wash him when he gets dirty, feed him treats, unlock new toys and costumes and much more. Check out the video below for an early preview of what to expect in the full game.

After learning that she has incredible magic powers that she inherited from her father, Billie was made an apprentice of the amazing Aristotle, the Axolotl, who will mentor her throughout the game and teach her new spells. Billie has a wide range of skills. Flight 

Billie grows wings formed from magic! Using a strong telekinesis spell she can lift herself into the air with short bursts of magic. She can flap 3 times for extra height and glide in between.

Magic Decoy

Billie will summon a personalized item that will distract its target, however, the item will be only effective for a limited time period. 


Oscar’s dig move will leave a pair of holes at the entry and exit points that serve as a teleport. There can be 3 sets of holes at a time, both Billie and Oscar can use them.

Broom Brolly

Billie extends her closed umbrella into a broomstick and rides around on it for extra speed, it can glide over hazards such as lava, water, quicksand, and more


Billie is temporarily invisible and can only be seen by enemies with heat vision goggles. Her invisibility will be removed if damaged or if the endurance meter runs out. The meter refills when the skill is not in use.

And many more!…

Current community members of Billie Bust Up know that the characters are the bread and butter of this game, boasting tons of personality, each one is dear to us. Their backstories have been fully fleshed out, and each villain gets a song by Daniel Ingram to compliment their aesthetic and to their motive and personality. The heroes will also get their own songs to truly make this a musical adventure.

 Billie sets out on her very first mission, is immediately captured by cat pirates, and taken prisoner by the terrifying Captain Elaine. Now, she must escape, and steal the gem back from the pirates! This level contains stealth segments and a giant cat pirate city to explore.   

Billie has managed to convince Dutch, owner of a renowned hotel, to give her a jobJuggle working under the direction of Hayes in this lavish establishment and finding the powerful gem Dutch is hiding! 

Barnaby, the ghost owl, is hosting a forever party, and you’re the newest guest! Trouble is, there’s a token fee for mortals to join. Beat Barnaby at his own games and escape his party castle with his gem… and your life! 

musical boss fight and finale, the players’ choices will impact the last Act as they direct their own play by picking prop sets, outfits, and scripts.

Fantoccio, the theatre-loving puppet, has spent 15 years locked away in this enchanted theatre, waiting for the perfect play-thing to come along. Can Billie put up with his theatrical antics, find the gem, and annoy him into letting her go? 

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Listen to the official song for Fantoccio, “I’ve Had Enough of You!” We recommend trying the boss fight first to get the full experience.


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