Between the Brain And the Guts by Marcin Mądzik

The world from the game Between The Brain and The Guts is supposed to represent irrationality and nonsense of existence. The Rift is a world of dystopian space where humanoid mutants wander in strange lands. They are looking for solace from the overwhelming reality they live in and for solutions  to keep them self sane. Only some fragments of The Rift are known from the old maps and the rest is one big mystery. The story of the game takes place in an ominous land called “Between The Brain and Guts”. The story begins with one of the mutants breaking free from his Inner World. Waking up from reality created only to keep people ignorant and tranquil makes protagonist scared and at the edge of insanity. After escaping Inner World mutant needs to protect himself from madness of The Rift. He needs to find the way to survive and choose whether to help other mutants come in terms with tragic reality or be the factor of complete annihilation of their kind.

I invite you to discord and write a proposal for the full version of the game:
Game design: Marcin Mądzik
Music: The LONGING – Original Soundtrack
Composers: Lord Redstone, Spectral Kingdom,
Erdstall, Dungeontroll, and Vindkaldr


I created a game demo. The game can be downloaded for free. I would like to continue the project in the full version of the game. If you like the project, please support me with a donation and I will try to release the full version of the game.

Link Source: Click Here