Bendy And The Stairs by Hainyxgame_Studios

Bendy And The Stairs is a horror game based on the BATIM and SCP-087 games (created in 2012 on Unity 3). The main character is Henry, he came to an abandoned studio (Joey Drew Studios), but instead of the studio he sees … stairs and darkness!

  • Log:
    The game has quality and graphics settings.
    The game was made in a week without rest.
    7-8 minutes of gameplay and have fun.
    The game has screams and sometimes sad moments,
    a player’s death, atmosphere and cool graphics.
    There are errors in the game.
    The game sometimes crashes, if you change the settings,
    game engine.

 System Requirements:
Windows 7,8,81,10 32 and 64 bit
(On Windows XP and Vista you will not play because it hangs problems with graphics, and crashes!)
recommended 2 GB video memory (with DX11 support)
4 core processor.
Memory on HDD or SSD – 400MB

Good game… 

Programs used: Unity Pro 5.6.7f1,Visual Studio community 2019, Blender, Audacity, 

Elapsed time: one week 

Tester: NimerFalir41 vk:

Link Source: Click Here