Belongings Alpha by Rectangle Eyes

Belongings is a Point & Click Adventure about cleaning out the belongings of your late spouse.
You can play the Alpha version for Windows. I also uploaded Mac and Linux versions, but I didn’t test it myself because I don’t have Mac and Linux computer.

• Interact plenty of objects. Seek out associated memories and see how Jennifer feels.

• Clean out belongings, feel emptiness. As the game progresses, more furniture is moved out and more memories fade.

• Simple and beautiful pixel-art. It’s easy on your eyes.

• You can clean out her belongings in any order what you like. In Alpha version, you can clean out only 9 belongings. So it doesn’t work fully for now.

• Quick and responsive movement. And no slow turning animation.

• A few sound effects are made by SC-8820 mode of Roland Sound Canvas VA and Bfxr. Yeah!!!

(Trivia 0: The progression system was inspired by Super Mario 64 and Hexen: Beyond Heretic.)

You play as Jennifer Scott, who has lost her spouse Marion. One and half years after Marions death, Jennifer is finally moving on to step into a new life, so she decided to sort out Marion’s belongings. But her associated memories are intense, hard to confront. Jennifer must fight own memories…

She is Jennifer Scott. The protagonist, a stylist.

 And she is Marion Penegraves, now deceased. She was a competitive chess player.

This is Alpha version so you can not find all the stories for now. (Sorry!) And the story and dialog will be changed/polished in the full release version.

(Trivia 1: Jennifer and Marion aren’t lesbian or homosexual. Jennifer is bisexual, Marion was pansexual.)  

You can choose between English and Japanese. Change it under the Options.

(Trivia 2: I am bilingual. So I wrote dialog in both languages by myself, and getting assistance polishing the English!)

• SFX volume control doesn’t work

• Controller aren’t supported

• Sparse options menu

• Typos and unnatural English and Japanese

• Unpolished dialog and story

… And more to be discovered.

• I’m planning to launch Belonging in June 2020 and sell the full version on, Steam and GOG, I’d like to release on iOS and Android, but probably later than PC version.

• Also it’ll to be sold for around $11

• I’m not looking for a publisher and new position, sorry.

•I don’t raise the funds on Crowdfunding because I can’t promise to prepare and send the rewards for backers. However, you can donate here if you like Belongings!

Do you like the concept? You’d like to complain about a game system? Or you found a bug? Write a comment below!

Now you can only donate by cash on, however if you want to use Paypal, donate to [email protected] on the Paypal website.



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