Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day – First Demo by Phil Airdash

Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day - First Demo by Phil Airdash

The fast-paced mix of RPG and 2D fighting game returns in Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day! After the events of the first game, Nitro and his friends are stuck in the demon world and have to fight their way through the otherworldly town of San Fiasco. Can they make it home to the human realm?


  • Four playable characters, including newcomer Traude.
  • Improved visuals and audio.
  • A brand new overworld replacing the random dungeons of the first game
  • The first dungeon and story chapter of the new campaign.
  • Local Versus Mode
  • Improved Training Mode
  • 19 badges to customize your fighters with.
  • 10 helpers to assist you in battle.
  • A whole bunch of new options, including stage and music selection, more color palettes for your fighter and keyboard config.
  • Fixes to known bugs, including one that caused issues with XBOX controllers.

Keyboard controls are supported, but PS4 or XBOX controllers are recommended.

Any and all feedback is welcome! This game is still in development, so changes can still be made. If you run into any bugs, please report them!

Version 1.1 fixes a small progression bug in the campaign.

The folder contains logos and character artwork if you want to cover the game. No need to download it if you just want to play the game.

Beatdown Dungeon is a creation of Phil Airdash. Further credits can be found inside the game.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter: @BeatdownDungeon
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