Ayako’s Mirror by Lunnaby

Ayako's Mirror by Lunnaby

♡ Ayako’s Mirror

Ayako’s Mirror is a game in development in Unity with the proposal to be a survival and adventure horror game. For now, the game is just a Sandbox, but you can already walk through the scenarios and open doors to test the game.

The game has a 2D version that can be downloaded at the following link: https://gamejolt.com/games/AyakosMirror/464011

♡ Characters

You will not find all of these characters in the game because they have not yet been introduced. The game is still in its early stages of development and its history is only in the drafts.

Yasuko: Protagonist of the game. A 14 year old girl who does not remember her past.

Shiro: Yasuko’s pet cat.

Ayako: Antagonist who hides many secrets.

Daisy: Adopted sister of Ayako, she is a friend of Yasuko.

Riki: Ayako’s older brother, he always seems to hide something.

Bunnykari: A rabbit that looks like a balloon.

Sadoka: A cute doll who loves cats. She’s weird and sometimes she looks like a psychopath.

♡ Controls

Directional Keys = Move Character

Shift Key = Run

E Key = Open Doors

♡ Contact

E-mail: [email protected]

♡ Credits

Frame Picture: Mya The Bunny

Roses PNG: https://pngimage.net/png-roses/

Some Textures: https://www.textures.com/

OSTs and Sound Effects: https://pocket-se.info/material/

Link Source: Click Here