Avarice by DarkMode

Avarice by DarkMode

P.T. with a twist

Avarice is a first-person, narrative-driven horror game set in the 1900s, where you experience a broken man’s descent into mental hell. You play as Edward Armitage, a renowned explorer, returning home from an expedition gone wrong. Throughout the game, you experience a gripping narrative going through the curious mind of a man and his interpretation of untold events.

It’s up to you to piece it all together.


Q: Do I need a good PC to run this game?

You need a decent PC for the game to run smoothly.

Q: Is there a saving system in this game?

Sadly there is no saving system, however the game is fairly short and can be finished in 30 minutes to an hour.

Q: How long did it take you to make this game?

We spent two and a half months developing this game.

Q: Is the download safe?

Yes, the download is safe. We unfortunately as students can not afford EV certification, that is why you may get a security pop up. Ignore this, our game is clean.

Q: I found a bug in the menu! You have to click twice!

Yeah, we know about this bug and we tried to fix it for a long time. Unfortunately it’s a limitation of the framework we built the game on and we didn’t have time to rebuild the framework.

Q: Do i need both files to run the game?

No, you do not need both files to run Avarice.
The setup is an installer that installs the game and does the work for you. You get a shortcut and an unistaller to remove the game when you’re done.

The zipped file means you need to extract the game files yourself from the zip archive and locate the .exe file yourself.

Q: Who are you guys?

We are a small student team based in Oslo, Norway.

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