Atgtha in Absurdia by FourbitFriday

Atgtha in Absurdia by FourbitFriday

Her dear brother and adventuring companion, Atlxander, has fallen at last to the cruel whims of mortal brevity.

But Atgtha will not have it. 

She has come to the Halls of Absurdia at the edge of the real to seek out the fabled Amulet of Yelt’neb, whose power is said capable of raising the dead.

So it is with unflappable determination that she descends into the dark, twisting, and unfathomable realm of puns and strangeness.

Who knows what nonsense awaits?

Made in 7 days for the 7-Day Roguelike Jam 2020

Code + Game Design
Tyriq Plummer (@fourbitfriday)

///UNDER WIRES (@uill)

Also thanks to Chevy Ray for the fonts and GrafxKid for the palette!

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