Apple Sauce Apartments by Shallow Lagoon

Apple Sauce Apartments by Shallow Lagoon

Welcome to Apple Sauce Apartments, a spacious low cost living complex situated in the most desirable of rural locations!

Become part of the lively community, bask in the joys of a truly unique shared accommodation.

Experience true convenience, a space to unwind your body and mind.

Place your faith us and ponder your humanity through our fantastic offers.

Perks of this property:

Daily portions of fruit provided onsite.

Single glazing walls.

Shared toilet facilities.

Bills not included.

Complimentary 2% saving coupons for offsite laundry facilities.

Two year council tax backlog.

Random weekly inspections.

Microwave with two settings.

Self proclaimed ‘friendly’ landlord.

Lamp provided.

No driveway, walking encouraged.

Three months upfront deposit.

Apple Sauce Apartments, your new forever home!


ShallowLagoon – Artwork, Story and Development

Special thanks to Autumn Rain for creating the game’s font Autumn Rain Font One.

Warning, contains flashing imagery!

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