Apothalypse by GIAC

Apothalypse by GIAC

An epic action adventure metroidvania through a strange and mysterious animal kingdom beautifully illustrated by Lizzie Steele herself!

Immerse yourself for about an hours worth of constantly changing and refreshing content to play through; including 2 boss fights, a whole range of enemies and 5 different areas to explore.

If you like Hollow Knight you’ll love Apothalypse!

Already played the demo?…

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/GIACgames

This is an ongoing passion project we work incredibly hard on so any steps you take (including playing the demo) is greatly appreciated 🙂

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Install instructions

*Extract the zip file you have downloaded (Right click on the zip file (if you can’t find it you may be inside of it) and click on ‘extract all’)

*In the new folder that will have been created, run the Apothalypse.exe file

*You may get a pop up from windows warning that this could be a virus (you’ll have to take my word for it that it’s not, this is the same warning you will get for pretty much any .exe file you try to run)

*You can use the mouse to navigate the menus but I recommend using WASD and Spacebar

*Enjoy 🙂

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