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 Anoldor is a 100% free medieval fantasy romance game, but we also give great importance to choices and the story itself, and wish for you to be able to immerse yourself in its universe and mold it to your liking. That is why, even if love is present, it is built upon a complex story where you’ll have to take Cornelian decisions in order to guide your nation away from the crises it goes through… Or not. There aren’t any good or bad endings in Anoldor, only the ones that you choose.   

(Vous trouverez toutes les informations sur le jeu, sur notre site internet, en français !)

Synopsis of the game

– Personalise your heroine  (Choose your heroine’s name, three possible backgrounds, a lot of
behavior depending on your choices. You will receive a title with 10
possibilities according to the way you ruled during the game.)

6 possible romances
(5 men, 1 woman. Each with an unique story. It is, also possible to romance the main “villain” of the game.) 

Choose the politic of your country for an unique epilogue
( You will have to make a lot of choice during the game. There are
about 10 factors that are considered for the ending, depending on a
number of combined choices, with 3 to 5 possibilities. We’ll let
you do the maths.)

Library to go more in depth of the universe

Full game will be available in french, and in english for FREE. (We will release each path then the whole game. You can see our projection releases.)

– A small (aproximately 30min) demo, is now available. Please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on it ! 

 We’re currently 4 people working on this project, it’s our first Visual Novel but we have trained for many years before launching this! We’re making this game on our free time, we even paid from our pocket some time to have more quality assets. If you want to support us, consider, buying us a tea

Please, feel free to give us any feedback on the demo, it will really help us out ! More specifically :

– Overall thoughts ?

– What do you think we could improve on the demo ? (Graphics, writting, gameplay, GUI etc.) 

– What was your favorite part / your least favorite part. 

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