ANIMA by puffy.jelly

ANIMA by puffy.jelly

Its far far into the future, and the Earth is bleak. Nothing lives upon its surface. But deep below, something stirs. Something sleeps. Something lies dormant. 

Play as 160, the last Robot tasked with waking Humanity from its cryogenic slumber following an apocalyptic event that almost ended the entire race. Face down malfunctioning Artificially Intelligence Robots, faulty equipment, and discover the secret behind this strange, strange world.

ANIMA is a short, 20-30 minute long story-based adventure game, and an entry to MajorJam: Isolation (2020).

There are six total chapters, and each can be replayed/restarted once unlocked.

The game was developed in under 11 days and follows the theme of Isolation and the limitation: There are no living things.

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