Abandoned by baconation

Abandoned by baconation

Abandoned is a short horror experience that I made in about 1 month. You take the place of an excited explorer of abandoned buildings. After hearing news on a set of buildings located inside of Blackroot Forest, you head out to take a look.
This game is my take on an atmospheric horror experience. It is also my first try at creating a small narrative. I hope you enjoy it!

Many of the assets seen in this game are sourced from the Unity Asset Store:

John Leonard French – Western Audio & Music

Works for Fun – Birch Tree Pack Vol. 1

InspectorJ Sound Effects – 44.1 General Library

Perfect Games – Pickup Model

Sugar Pixels – Humanoid Rig

Azusa – Colorable Leather Sofa and Armchair

Anruval 3D Models – Wooden Chairs 2 Variations

Nathanael Gazzard – Rubble Pieces Detailed Package

Indoe G – Low Poly Props Pack

Profi Developers – Building Shed

Dr.Bean – Free Open Building(Worn)

Mila Shalabai – Modular Abandoned Slaughterhouse: Lite

Aleksey Kozhemyakin – Abandoned Buildings

RPGWhiteLock – AllSky Free – 10 Sky / Skybox Set

MGWSoundDesign – Footstep(Snow and Grass)

Unity Technologies – Terrain Tools Sample Asset Pack

Mute Colossus – TS Sounds

SoundBits – Free Sound FX

Unity Technologies – Unity Particle Pack

Raphael Ernaelsten – Aura 2 – Volumetric Lighting & Fog

Cabled Mess – Minimal UI Sounds

RRFreelance – Scanned Rocks with Moss and Snow

Electrodynamics – Ambient Sample Pack

Unity Technologies – Standard Assets

Little Robot Sound Factory –  Electric Sound Effects Library

InspectorJ Sound Effects – Wooden Fence Destruction (Free Sample Pack)

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