A Walk in the Woods by TehMerow

A Walk in the Woods by TehMerow

In a fit of boredom you decided to walk around the small nature park near where you live, but walking around in the middle of the night can be quite unnerving.


WASD    : Walking.

F             : Flashlight

Control  : Crouch
ESC       : Menu

Space    : Jump

This is a small atmospheric horror game that can be played in about 5 minutes. Since I’ve made a lot of prototypes and never finished anything and since I’ve been digging the psx aesthetic lately I decided it was about time I sat down and finished a game for once.

Textures are from https://cc0textures.com/
most sounds are from https://freesound.org/

CC Atribution Sounds from Freesound
Gravel By Czarcazas
Flashlight click by dersuperanton
Owl by inchadney
Footsteps, Dry Leaves, G by InspectorJ

Link Source: Click Here