A Pretty Odd Bunny Chapter 1 by AJ Ordaz

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth-platformer about a carrot-allergic bunny who likes to eat pigs.

“Bunny Town is getting ready for the Carrot Festival, but you are on your own mission to fetch yourself some delicious and juicy pigs. Navigate challenging levels, collect hidden coins, meet peculiar characters, all while trying not to be seen by the other bunnies.”

• 25 challenge-filled levels.
• Tricky stealth action
• Hidden collectible BACON COINS.
• 2 Unlockable Extra Levels.
• Funny bloody humor.
• Peculiar bunny lore.
• Hours and hours of fun!

Enjoy 25 challenging levels in this free first chapter and, if you like it, consider supporting the development of Chapter 2 through Patreon.

The best is yet to come!

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a passion project. I’m working on the game in my spare time doing design, art and coding. Music and sound effects are provided by my good friend René Rivera.

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