A Fake Game [DEMO] by A_Fake_Studio

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About us

We are a small team from Chile;  Marco Montes // Manuel Sepulveda,  who wants to make a dream come true. This is our very first serious project, but we had experience in Animation and 3D  Modelling before, and some mods for video games ( CS 1.6, Half life 1, GTA SA ) also little projects using GoldSrc. 

After we drop out college (from different reasons) we meet again some time after, and we decide that we want to make a REAL project. (Ironic that is a FAKE game isn’t it?) 

About the “game”

A Fake Game was born because we think that today society it’s a fake society, so we want it to join on the party, by creating a game that shows how we perceive reality, if there is any. 

Why we call it a “game”? ( with quotation marks ) very simple, besides that said before, we are not expert in making games, this is our first project, so it has some aspects that a game should have, but it’s not perfect at all.

Wait, this is a demo, so why do you want a donation for?

It will help us to keep us alive, we are working on a crowdfunding, but for different problems, we are still unable to do it.  Besides, you don’t HAVE to…do you?

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