8Doors (Demo) by RootlessStudio

8Doors is Metroidvania style 2D action platformer game based on Korean afterlife world view. Explore 8 different area of purgatory by becoming the main character ‘Arum’ Solve the mystery of happening on purgatory through fight against the specter and lead fugitive souls to the right path.


  • Explore  : 8 different area of purgatory and various level designed obstacles.
  • Battle      : Though battle with combo attack and dodge. More than 30 species of specters and 12 species of boss specters with unique patterns.
  • Growth  : Ability, Passive skill and 7 weapons. What can get from proceeding the game.

World View, Story

  • World View : The fascinating world of after death of The Orient.
  • Story : Korean traditional fork tale based background concept and characters.

Art, Graphic

  • Unique art : Using only 3 Color ‘White’/ ‘Black’/ ‘Red’ to show our world.
  • Animation  : All Character drawn by hand 2D frame by frame animation.

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